(Photo courtesy pikniksnacks.com)

Ahh, the venerable Piknik. Slim sticks of tangy-tomato goodness that I’ve had all my life. It’s the one snack I could have yet another pack of – it’s that delicious! It’s fitting that I decided to kick things off for this new junk food blog by reviewing my favorite packeted snack of all time. Let’s dive in.

The snack is manufactured by SM Food, which is a division of Venkataramana Food Specialities Limited (VFSL). They have manufacturing facilities in Thane and Bhiwandi in Maharashtra, Puducherry in Tamil Nadu and Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh. SM Foods also make other snacks like Peppy Tomato Discs and Cheese Balls (reviews coming soon), and also, at one time, manufactured Senor Pepito nachos and salsa.

Piknik sticks are made from wheat, potato flour, and what the company claims are all natural ground spices. They are slender at the edges, and taper into subtle fatness in the middle. The flavour is advertised as tomato chilli. It’s a sweet and slightly spicy tomato flavour, that is not overly sweet or spicy. They leave a subtle tangy, sweet-n-sour taste on your tongue after you’ve had a bite.

A positive quality of Pinik is that its taste has been consistent for as long as I’ve had it. I’ve been eating Piknik for over two decades, and quite honestly, it has tasted the same to me all these years. And it seems that, over the years, the company has increased the flavour and quantity.

A pack of 25 grams is available for INR 10. There are some packs which often come with a cheap but fun toy inside. The company claims that these snacks are cooked in 25% less oil as compared to regular potato chips and contain no trans-fat or cholesterol.

So what could make Piknik better? Well, nothing. I can’t think of a single thing that could enhance the experience of Piknik. It is excellent as it is. One could want the Piknik brand to evolve, like how SM Foods is experimenting with different snacks and flavours since early 2017, but I personally wouldn’t care for that. It is the snack of my childhood, and now, adulthood. I could have it with breakfast, with lunch, with dinner, or even just as a midnight snack. Piknik is perfect the way it is, and I don’t want it to change. Because for me Piknik is legendary.

Verdict – Two thumbs up, no complaints.

Nutritional Information:
(serving size of 25g)

Total Calories (kcal) – 128
Fat (g) – 6.9
Saturated fat (g) – 3.15
Monounsaturated fat (g) – 2.9
Polyunsaturated fat (g) – 0.6
Carbohydrates (g) – 14.4
Sugar (g) – 1.4
Protein (g) – 2.175