(Photo courtesy Maggi.in)

Today we review our website’s first pack of instant noodles. Instead of beginning with a packet of noodles like Maggi Instant or Top Ramen, we decided to go an unconventional way and review a pack of Maggi Cuppa Noodles. Let’s dive in.

Maggi Cuppa Noodles comes in a bright yellow plastic cup, with a foil covering on top, and a plastic foldable fork inside. The process to make these noodles is simple – you open the foil lid halfway, pour boiling hot water in the cup till the mark on the side, close the lid and wait for the noodles to rehydrate. After 4-5 minutes, the noodles absorb the water and are then ready to stir and eat.

We went with Cuppa Noodles masala as that is the traditional Maggi 2-minute instant flavor. These noodles are a thinner, slightly flatter kind of noodle, as compared to the ones found in regular Maggi packs. There are a few small pieces of carrot, a few peas and some paprika that are a part of the tastemaker. These elements do not affect the flavor much, but are a good addition nonetheless as the regular Maggi packs do not have any veggies in its tastemaker.

Maggi Masala has had a specific taste that has remained unchanged for the past twenty years. The taste of the Cuppa noodles is in the same vein as the traditional masala flavor, but is too salty and spicy by comparison. The noodles also, unfortunately, taste somewhat boxy, and one can even taste the excess tastemaker masala near the end of the cup.

The problem with this kind of packaging is that the noodles don’t rehydrate fully, even if you leave water in them for longer than the suggested time. As a result, the noodles taste undercooked, and the tastemaker does not blend well with these noodles.

Maggi Cuppa noodles are perhaps best used by travelers, who are looking to have a quick snack on their journey or as a midnight snack by students who don’t have access to a stove or kitchen at night time. And at INR 40, a serving of these noodles is pricey, as compared to INR 12 for a single serving pack of regular Maggi masala noodles.

Verdict – Nothing special, but has convenience attached to it. Would prefer to have regular Maggi noodles, but this is useful for certain situations.

Nutritional Information
(serving size of 70g)

Energy (kcal) – 305
Protein (g) – 5.9
Carbohydrate (g) – 40
sugar (g) – 1.7
Fat (g) – 13.4
Saturated fat (g) – 7.7
Trans fat (g) – 0.11
Sodium (mg) – 950.3