(Photo courtesy itcportal.com)

When one thinks of chips, they usually think of Lay’s or Uncle Chipps. ITC’s Bingo Yumitos has been available in the market for many years now and offers an alternative to the monotony of flavours of the PepsiCo brands. Yumitos is available in two types – one kind that is crinkle-cut or ruffled, and the other which is the thinly cut classic potato wafer. Today we’re trying out the Chilli Sprinkled flavour of the Original Style of Yumitos. Let’s dive in.

This was my first time eating this brand and flavour. What I like is that these chips don’t have ridges, which is different from the chips made by other brands. The chips are cut quite thin, and although they aren’t too crunchy, they retain their initial crispness. For me, personally, these are the classic kind of chips. When you sample a few, you notice that they almost melt in your mouth.


The flavour is light and not too spicy. On the first few bites, the flavour reminded me of Lay’s Magic Masala a little. There is a subtle smoky, barbecued taste to them. The chilli sprinkles aren’t excessive either, and don’t dominate the overall flavour. The chips don’t feel heavy after you have them, and leave you with a subtle taste on the tongue. I ended up going for another bag of these – that’s how much I liked them.

A bag of Bingo Yumitos Original Style costs INR 10 for 30 grams and is available in another flavour called Salt Sprinkled. This was a pack of chips that I enjoyed very much, and was pleasantly surprised at how good they were.

Verdict – Love the flavour and the thinness of these chips. Would make an excellent accompaniment to burgers and sandwiches.

Nutritional Information
(serving size of 30g)

Energy (kcal) – 166.5
Protein (g) – 2.52
Carbohydrate (g) – 15.9
of which sugar (g) – 0.33
Fat (g) – 10.68
Trans fat (g) – 0.03
Saturated fat (g) – 4.8