(Photo courtesy britannia.co.in)

Britannia’s classic Bourbon. Not to be mistaken for the liquor by the same name. The original British cream biscuit, the one that started the trend of cream biscuits in our country. But now, in 2017, how does it hold up against its new and improved competitors? Let’s dive in.

The bourbon is a sandwich-style chocolate biscuit. It has two thin wafers of chocolate biscuit, with a plain chocolate cream filling in the centre. There are also sugar sprinkles on the biscuits, which make the biscuits crunchy in texture. The cream centre is too sweet, but the biscuit coverings are delicious. These biscuits can be had with tea, coffee, or used as an accompaniment to dessert like ice cream and cakes.

The cream filling on the inside, at least in the biscuits made by Britannia, is inadequate compared to the bourbon varieties offered by other brands. This is a problem I have noticed with Britannia biscuits in general, where I have encountered insufficient quantities of cream in their sandwich style biscuits.

Earlier, the bourbon biscuit was available only in a standard chocolate variety. But other brands have since begun attempting their own versions. Parle makes their own version called the Hide & Seek Bourbon, which is available in chocolate and vanilla cream filling. These biscuits come with dark chocolate wafer sides. ITC’s Sunfeast also makes their own variety, called the Bourbon Bliss. Britannia, for some reason, has not expanded on their filling flavour range.

An interesting thing to note is that each brand uses the name bourbon to market their product. How the biscuit came to be called the ‘bourbon’, and came to share its name with the liquor of the same name is an interesting story. BBC did a piece on the same which can be read here.

A pack of 60g with 6 biscuits is available for INR 10. A mini pack of INR 5 is also available which contains 2 biscuits.

Verdict – A classic biscuit, but has lagged behind its competitors.

Nutritional Information
(serving size of 60g / 10g or 1 biscuit)

Total Calories (kcal) – 292.8 / 48.8
Fat (g) – 12 / 2
Saturated fatty acids (g) – 6 / 1
Monounsaturated fatty acids (g) – 4.62 / 0.77
Polyunsaturated fatty acids (g) – 1.32 / 0.22
Carbohydrates (g) – 43.2 / 0.72
Sugars (g) – 22.5 / 3.75
Protein (g) – 3 / 0.5
Cholesterol (g) – 0mg