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Back in the early 90s, Lay’s chips were branded and sold as Ruffles. Magic Masala was one of the flavours from the original run of chips available back then, which also included peppy pudhina and a tomato-based flavour. This is before PepsiCo took over the brand and changed the name to Lay’s. Magic Masala has been on the company’s roster for over 2 decades and is the most recognizable flavour of chips that Lay’s makes. But is it a standout in the lineup? Let’s dive in.

The chips are made from potatos and are crinkle cut (or ruffled). As soon as you open the pack, the strong aroma hits you and makes your mouth water. The chips have a smoky and lemony flavour, which is felt immediately. There is a distinct and strong taste of the spices of the masala, like black pepper, ginger, garlic and some tangy tomato. A noticeable taste remains on your tongue after you’ve had a few bites. These spicy and tangy chips make for an excellent accompaniment to burgers, sandwiches, liquor or other beverages.

These chips are cut quite thick and because of that, they tend to get stuck in one’s teeth, which is bothersome. They also make for quite a filling pack of chips, and leave you feeling satiated after just one bag. Lay’s is often criticized for offering the lowest quantity of chips as compared to other brands like Balaji and Bingo, but the company is trying to make changes these days by offering 5g extra, or 20% more. A bag of 30g is available for INR 10, and is available in most retail outlets.

I’d say that Magic Masala, or blue Lay’s, is the best flavour in the Lay’s lineup. It isn’t boring like the Classic Salted, lacking character like the Spanish Tomato Tango, or isn’t either loved or hated like the Sour Cream n’ Onion flavour. I can wager that the line, “no one can eat just one” was coined for the Magic Masala because when it comes to these chips, I definitely can’t be content with just one.

Verdict – Love it, the best flavour in the Lay’s chips roster in India.

Nutritional Information
(serving size of 30g)

Energy (kcal) – 164
Protein (g) – 2.67
Total Carbohydrates (g) – 14.28
of which sugars (g) – 1.23
Total Fat (g) – 10.71